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Cataclysmic: Day 1

Well I’ve bought the World of Warcraft Battle Chest (main game + first expansion). Between an in-store sale and gift cards, I didn’t have to pay for it myself, which is nice considering that there are two more expansions I … Continue reading

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Mather’s Simple Square To Hex Conversion Method

Recently Shamus Young posted about a problem he had on his weblog: He wanted to make a game which used a hexagonal grid, but he didn’t know an elegant way to represent it in computer memory. If you’ve never done … Continue reading

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The new Mad Tinkerer Live & Uncut is live! Like all the cool kids, I’ve moved over to WordPress, though there’s still quite a bit of work to be done to finish updating and editing everything. New content maybe next … Continue reading

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I’m taking a brief break from my Internet-exile to show you a video of a game I REALLY WANT TO PLAY: That looks like so much fun. Too bad I can’t get my computer to the Internet right now, and … Continue reading

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I’ll be without the Internet for a few days to a couple weeks. More posts when I get back online.

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Pixel: A Documentary

A documentary on computer graphics and the pixel art aesthetic: Via (link on the sidebar)

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Don’t Stop Mario

Anyone can take video from Super Mario Galaxy and edit it with Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now playing in the background. Fun, but not difficult: Hacking a Super Mario World level so that the sounds play in time with the … Continue reading

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