Angry Mob "Convinces" 2K Games To Fix DRM in Bioshock 2

From Rock Paper Shotgun:

“The current status is: SecureROM check on launch, but no install limts, and now there are offline profile options for GfWL meaning you can in fact save, load, etc without being connected. “

Darn right. It still kind-of sucks that multiplayer is bogged down by GFWL, but as I said, I’m not getting it for the multiplayer.

I will reconsider not pre-ordering it, because there’s probably no way they could remove GFWL from the game at this stage without serious delays. There’s still a little over two weeks to get it at 10% off, so I’ll mull it over for a bit. Getting rid of another one or more of the annoying DRM bits would probably sweeten the deal enough for me to preorder, but frankly I’m still on the fence right now.

But at least I’m on the fence, rather than throwing molotov cocktails over the other side, metaphorically speaking.

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