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Timewaster: Global Game Jam Keynote

This is a keynote speech from the current Global Game Jam, a competition in which game developers all over the world make games in just two days. Watch: Global Game Jam ’10 Keynote from Ste Curran on Vimeo.

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Angry Mob "Convinces" 2K Games To Fix DRM in Bioshock 2

From Rock Paper Shotgun: “The current status is: SecureROM check on launch, but no install limts, and now there are offline profile options for GfWL meaning you can in fact save, load, etc without being connected. “ Darn right. It … Continue reading

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Ribbon Hero

Well I posted about something exceptionally annoying yesterday, so here’s something that is exceptionally interesting and has cheered me up somewhat. Thanks to Lost Garden (link on the weblogs sidebar) for pointing me towards Ribbon Hero. Ribbon Hero is a … Continue reading

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Possibly Pirating Bioshock 2

Under normal circumstances, I buy games legitimately. Between my brothers and I, we own legit copies of thousands of PC games on CD as well as dozens to hundreds of games for each of the consoles we own (depending on … Continue reading

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FF w/lyrics

Since I haven’t posted a video in a while, here’s BrentalFloss’s version of the Final Fantasy Theme.

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