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Dear Lucasarts: Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Dear Lucasarts, I bought the Lucasarts Adventure Pack on Steam during the Christmas sale. It cost me $2.50. When I installed the games, I discovered that unlike the hastily DOSBOX-ed exact copies of the original games I was expecting, you … Continue reading

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Singing Tesla Coils With Lightsabers

I’ve posted a video about singing tesla coils before, but here’s an extra fancy party trick:

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Recursive Television

It’s quite simple, really: The dudes in the studio are editing a show called The TV Show, though they’re actually broadcasting live and being watched by a guy running a noodle stand, who is in a show being broadcast on … Continue reading

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Light A Candle for The Goombas

A video from a webcomic I had never heard of, but will definitely be checking from now on:

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