Whenever I think about this weblog, I tend to think about how I wish I posted here more. However, I’ve recently come to a decision regarding quite a few of my old posts: I will be removing or severely revising many of them shortly. I’ll back up the originals, of course, but there’s no point in leaving them on the web in their current state.

They’ll be in the “Obsolete” tag for now, and dealt with when I get around to dealing with them. For those wondering why I would do this to those posts, go ahead and read them while they’re still up in their original state. You’ll figure it out.

Thanks in no small part to the fact that we finally have a broadband connection at home, there’s going to be some major changes in the direction of this weblog coming soon. Not just posting videos every day, but a real purpose. Old plans had to be thrown out entirely, and new plans are in the works.

EDIT: It’s too bad the “uncut” part of “The Mad Tinkerer Live and Uncut” is more ironic than ever before, but that’s the way things go. About half of the obsolete stuff has been dealt with. It’s a pain to edit over a hundred posts, but much of it is minor edits and the seams aren’t too obvious.

When it’s done, I’ll be posting about why I did it and what I’m going to be doing from now on.

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2 Responses to Obsolescence

  1. Congratulations. I wait your videos.

  2. I've been sick the last week which is why I haven't updated or finished editing the old posts.But yeah, I'm going to be posting more videos soon.

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