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6005 Polygons Per Krundle

Okay, this is probably the best bit of marketing for a videogame I’ve seen for at least a year: Serious Sam Teaser (embedding wouldn’t work for some reason, just click on it) The line “advanced technology you wouldn’t understand” made … Continue reading

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Game B It Is

I’ve been getting into the Source SDK and the Hammer editor and all that, and I’ve come to a decision. I knew neither Game A and Game B were going to be easy. Both of them would have stretched the … Continue reading

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Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Is Awesome

I’ve recently started playing DMoMM. It’s a third-party Source Engine game set in the Might & Magic universe, a fairly generic swords & sorcery setting. And it is fricking awesome. I actually bought it a while ago on one of … Continue reading

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A Speech By Elizabeth Gilbert

I got this from the PVP website: Much of what she’s saying here I actually figured out a while ago. But she puts it pretty eloquently. I’m including the tag “Game Development” because game development is a creative process that … Continue reading

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