To The IGDA: I Would Like Tim Langdell’s Head On A Silver Platter, Please

Dear IGDA,

I know I haven’t participated much (or at all) in IGDA events, or even posted on the IGDA boards yet. I just signed up a couple months ago and have been busy with Real Life stuff. So of course you guys have no idea who I am. (Please read the rest of this weblog to find out, if you wish.)

Anyway, thanks to Shamus Young, I have been made aware of the recent situation with the giant cockroach in human skin named Tim Langdell. That a parasite who goes around suing everyone who uses the word “Edge” in their products could be on the Board of Directors of the IGDA is a freaking joke. As Corvus puts it, Tim Langdell’s actions could “result in a massive defection of the membership.” Not bothering to renew my membership was certainly my first reaction to the news, though I have reconsidered and am giving the board a chance to do the right thing.

Tim Langdell hasn’t even managed to produce a game in 15 years because he backstabs people who actually develop the games for him. (I would cite specific links, but I accidentally closed the tabs I was going to link to. Just look at the pages linked from the above pages I linked to and you might run across the specific ones I’m thinking about, or others I haven’t seen yet.) His company is still solvent purely because litigates others, like Namco for naming their game “Soul Edge”, while baiting companies he can’t bully so easily by doing precisely what he accuses others of doing (Tim claims to be working on “MIRRORS a game by EDGE”, for example). A quick search around Wikipedia indicates that he may simply be malignantly narcissistic rather than outright psychopathic, but I don’t know him well enough to tell the difference.

I’ve signed the petition. I expect the IGDA to take the proper action.

P.S. I remember when “someone” sued Edge Magazine over their name. Now I finally have a name and a face to match the “someone”.

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