Adding A Bunch of Indie Links To The Sidebar

The list of weblogs on the left has expanded quite a bit. At first I wanted to add a seperate header for them, but since I’m still using the default Blogger setup there’s a limited number of “gadgets” that will fit over there.

(I really need to learn WordPress one of these days, since all the cool kids seem to be using it for their weblogs. But I digress.)

Anyway, The Weblog, TIGSource, and Play This Thing are all general Indie games news sites. IndieGames.Com The Weblog and TIGSource are particularly focused on the “news” aspect, reporting interesting events as well as developments of individual games. Play This Thing is a series of game reviews that all (usually) link to the games themselves.

The Experimental Gameplay Project is a site run by The World of Goo Guys for game developers to show off their quickly-developed prototypes. Some actually play well, and pretty much all of them are interesting. The site recently came back from a hiatus, and they’ve started a new contest for people to submit their shoot-em-ups.

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