Classic Lucasarts Games on Steam! AHAHAHAHA!

YEAH! Lucasarts is releasing their Classic PC Adventure games on Steam as well as The Secret of Monkey Island remake! It’s about time. I mean: what does one have to do? I bought most of them at full price back in the day, I bought a bunch of the Telltale stuff (those are “the bomb”, take it from me), and was even considering buying the allegedly awful* Staff of Kings just to get The Fate of Atlantis again.

I was originally hoping they’d go for Good Old Games, since GOG specializes in bringing classic Win/DOS games to XP/Vista. But Steam? Oh HECK YES, just as good.

I hope they get Grim Fandango and Outlaws on Steam soon too, but really, I just want ALL of the classic non-Star Wars Lucasarts adventures on Steam. And maybe a few of the Star Wars ones too.

*Metacritic does fail some times, but is usually mostly reliable. Thus the “allegedly”.

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