Math Class & Other Craziness

This week I started a new class, one which is four days a week and finishes in just four more weeks. So it’s basically cramming a lot of new and semi-familiar math concepts into my brain in a short period of time. I wish I had taken it as a regular Spring/Fall semester class, but it’s a prereq for Computer Science I and I really wanted to take CS1 this fall.

Meanwhile, Gordon Babcock, my biological father who is guilty of Count Olaf level evil, has proceeded to reach a new low in despicableness. Hopefully I won’t be forced to move out of state for financial reasons (because the rest of my family may be) before I’m done the Game Design program… But that may happen.

In one sense, the asshole can keep his fucking money*, because he’ll rot in Hell forever and it’s not like we can do worse to him than that. On the other hand, Mark’s medication is expensive, and someone needs to pay for it. Better for someone who can afford to pay for it, to do so, right? Especially when he’s the father? Too bad Gordon Babcock doesn’t seem to have a soul, or at least a conscience. Too bad the New Jersey courts are too damn corrupt to uphold justice in the case of a rich computer architect vs. his family that he’s obviously driving into poverty. (In the past, I assumed our judge was just stupid, but yesterday it became obvious that it’s much, much worse than stupidity.)

So anyway, the bottom line is that I’m going to have to concentrate a lot on studying over the next few weeks so updates will be sporadic. I do want to eventually get around to writing a bunch more on E3 and the folks I met there, but math class takes priority.

*This is a polite way of expressing what I really think, which would probably be unwise to publish on this weblog.

EDIT: I’ll try to post something more upbeat tonight after work.

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