Lest you think I hung around the Indiecade area and moped about the Valve guys being inaccessible the whole time (not true: I only did that for a few hours each day), I better write about one of the many, many other things at E3 that have to do with neither.

So Torchlight was being demoed at E3, waaaaaaay in the back, around a corner so you really had to look around to see it, in West Hall. It’s by the former Mythos team, now called Runic Games who seem to be putting their skills making Diablo-like games to work making… a Diablo-like game.

Now here’s the thing: I played the Torchlight demo and it’s actually pretty fun. Diablo III is definitely aimed at the hardcore crowd, but Torchlight is more of an arcade/casual style variant. It’s a bit like how Halo and Half life 2 are both Sci Fi FPSs but otherwise couldn’t be more different. It also struck me as a bit like Fate, which isn’t surprising since one of the guys also worked on that game as well.

In addition to the fact that it’s a neat game to play, there’s apparently plans to support modding and map editing in Torchlight (something past Diablos haven’t done, and D3 probably won’t do either), which I’m certainly happy about.

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