So I Met The Cogs Guys

Not too long ago, during the development of Steam City Chronicles, I saw a video of a puzzle game on the PC called Cogs. Since we were still discussing the subject of exactly what constitutes steampunk at the time, I posted the video to the private forum.

Then, a couple months later, at E3, in the Indiecade area, I met the Cogs guys. It was really pretty neat: their game helped shape the look of our game (though it wasn’t the only influence), and I got to meet them there. They’re cool guys, and I gave them a copy of SCC.

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to go back to E3 next year. Nevermind the pomp and circumstance, for me E3 is foremost a place for developers to meet other developers and give kudos.

The video:

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