Those Jerks At Valve

I went to E3 with the assumption that I’d get to meet some guys from Valve, and hopefully give them a copy of my game. It’s pretty precious: there’s only 100 copies of Steam City Chronicles in the whole world after all, (and due to circumstances beyond my control, that may be all that will ever be produced) so I can’t just give it out to everyone I meet. I was also hoping to maybe play some games in progress such as Portal 2 or Half Life Episode 3.

But no.

Valve had a meeting room up on the second floor where media folks could go, but not us mere green-badges. No booth in any of the exhibition halls.

“So, all right.” I thought, “I guess I’ll run into one of them on the show floor.”

No dice.

I ran into guys from NCSoft, Blizzard and a bunch of other companies that have no booths either. Companies that didn’t make any big annoucements. But I still found them. I gave out a ton of business cards to lots of folks, but none to the ninjas at Valve. Despite me flying across the country in the hopes of meeting guys from Valve, I didn’t see a single one of them the entire time.

To add insult to injury, the demos of Left4Dead 2 that were available to play were XBox 360 only. It’s like they knew I can’t play FPSs on consoles and were trying to rub it in.

So I’m joining Shamus Young’s Boycott HL2Ep3 Group. Until Valve releases HL2Ep3, I won’t buy it. Until Valve releases Portal 2, I won’t buy it. Until Valve releases Left4Dead 2, I won’t buy it. Until Valve releases Half Life: Decay on the PC, I won’t buy it.

Unless, of course, there’s a good pre-order deal.

That’ll show ’em. 😦

EDIT: Reading this again, the irony might not be clear. Read the last couple paragraphs carefully if you don’t get it.

Update: There’s a proper Steam group for the “boycott” now, with some amusing comments. Also, Shamus Young has posted a followup.

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