I Left My Toothbrush In Los Angeles

So here are the events that happened during E3:

  • Each morning, except Friday, we ate at Dinah’s, a diner with a great breakfast deal: three pancakes, two eggs, and sausage, bacon or ham, all for $5. The pancakes are especially good.
  • Monday afternoon we ate at In-N-Out Burger. Darn tasty burgers & fries, and it was packed. In addition to the normal menu, there’s also the Secret Menu which you basically have to know about already from someone telling you or overhearing it there. Grilled Cheese sandwiches are one item on the secret menu, as are “Animal Style fries” which are fries with lettuce, tomato, the burger sauce and everything that goes on the Double Double burgers except patties and buns.
  • On Monday night, we were walking on Venice Beach an a bum pulled the old “I bet I can tell you exactly where you got your shoes, down to the state, city, and street” swindle (answer: on your feet). Apparently no one else was wise to the trick, but I kept my mouth shut because he was very entertaining. He put on a great show, with some terffic improvisation, and we were all quite happy to him a dollar each. I suspect he may have been a professional actor once.
  • Also on monday night, we played a drinking game called “king of the cup” which involves a pack of cards, balancing the cards on the cup as they’re drawn, twelve standard rules, and making a new rule if you draw a king. The challenge is to remember and respond to all the rules as you get more inebriated. If the stack of cards falls off the cup, you have to chug your beer.
  • Tuesday afternoon, I left my toothbrush wrapped up in a washcloth (because that’s how I pack it) on the sink. The staff mistook my washcloth for one of theirs, and my toothbrush was gone. Oh well, not their fault.
  • Tuesday night we ate at Home Town Buffet, which is an exact carbon copy of Old Country Buffet. Might be some kind of rebranding thing.
  • Wednesday night four of us ate at China One Buffet. It was a very good Chinese buffet and I felt sorry for them that there was hardly anyone else that night to enjoy it. So if you’re in Los Angeles, check it out.
  • Thursday night we went to Video Games Live. It was great: they had Ralph Baer live on the big screen via Skype, some great piano playing by the Video Game Pianist, a good mix of orchestral and rock music, a fantastic medly of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross music, and a really nice encore with One Winged Angel and a Castlevania medly.
  • Friday was spent flying home to NJ.

Oh, you wanted to know about events that actually happened at E3? Well I’ll write about those soon too.

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2 Responses to I Left My Toothbrush In Los Angeles

  1. Furyan says:

    Sorry about my last comment I was pretty pissed that day.

  2. As long as you don't make it a habit, I'm cool.

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