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Game A vs. Game B

Okay, it’s time to reveal part of My Secret Plan. Since the last day of GD2 I’ve been thinking hard about what I want to do for GD3 & 4. I ended up narrowing it down to two mutually exclusive … Continue reading

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Math Class & Other Craziness

This week I started a new class, one which is four days a week and finishes in just four more weeks. So it’s basically cramming a lot of new and semi-familiar math concepts into my brain in a short period … Continue reading

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PC GameGun!

One day I’m going to get around to making an awesome homebrew gadget like this:

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FPS Creator Bonanza And Serendipity

I ordered the FPS Creator Bonanza shortly before I left for E3. I’ve been playing around with it for a little while now, and it’s part of the reason I didn’t post yesterday. It’s turned out to be quite a … Continue reading

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Lest you think I hung around the Indiecade area and moped about the Valve guys being inaccessible the whole time (not true: I only did that for a few hours each day), I better write about one of the many, … Continue reading

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Pluff Is Amazing

Pluff is an amazing new controller/game combination from Diana Hughes. The controller is a soft, round Tribble-like object that allows you to interact with the on-screen Pluff character. Nevermind force-feedback, motion-sensing, and analog sticks. This is the sort of special … Continue reading

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Unskippable: E3 Trailers

This week’s Unskippable is pretty good. I particularly liked the comments on FF14: Now if they’d just do the intro for Left4Dead, or any game from the 1990s, I’d be really happy.

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