Laptop Woes & Last Post Before E3

I was “incommunicado” because I was hoping a friend of mine could fix my laptop for me. That isn’t happening. So I need to send it off to be repaired or get a new one. Both of which are going to be difficult and neither are getting done before E3. This is quite vexing as I don’t really have any spare computers to work on right now (even my brother’s computer is too unreliable even if he did let me use it).

Fortunately, I have nothing but E3 to think about for the next week or so. I just need to finish packing and pick up my business cards from Staples. Then, so early on Monday it’s sort-of Sunday night, I leave for the airport and I’m off to the best vacation ever.

Anyway, I’ll have plenty to write about when I come back.

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