Alas, Poor Silas

Okay, one last long post before I go, since I have a little time online.

Silas Merlot is one of my favorite characters in the Girl Genius universe.

We first met Dr. Merlot waaaaay back in the first few pages of Volume 1. He’s a cranky, pushy, slightly cowardly, know-it-all who is desperate who hold onto any scrap of status that he can in a society run by mad scientists. The so-called “Sparks” are people who are able to make mad science work. Give a Spark the parts for a clock and he’ll make an automated washing machine, machinegun turret, or flying mechanical bird depending on his personality and mood (he probably won’t make a clock, but if he does it will be a very unusual clock). Silas Merlot is not a Spark.

Well he wasn’t a Spark. He was a very, very intelligent guy who is stuck in a world where he might be the smartest person in the room, but he’s still overshadowed by the magic brain people. For that reason, despite his personality flaws, I really felt for him and made him my avatar for most of my online forum accounts.

But he did exhibit some very Spark-like behavior. Or maybe he was just cranky. Or someone who isn’t a Spark but has natural Spark-like tendencies and “gets caught up in the enthusiasm“. Oh wait… maybe he’s a Spark after all? Yes (that style of speech bubble is reserved for Sparks)!?!

Silas breifly showed up before, somewhere in the archives that I’ll edit in later, but it was a brief cameo and there was no indication that he had become a Spark. But now…

Silas’ trouble is that he harbors a grudge against Agatha. This grudge is at least partly motivated by the fact that he wasn’t a Spark. But now he is. So if he thought about it rationally for a second, he’d realize there’s really no reason to attack Agatha. Unfortunately, even good Sparks are quite unhinged and have trouble focusing on reality. So now that Silas is a Spark, it’s impossible for him to give up his obsession on his own.

I was hoping that maybe Silas would survive his denouement and become an ally of Agatha. After all, Baron Wolfenbach keeps DuPree around and she’s done much, much worse. Silas’s clank may be his Breakthough device, and that means he has just started to show off his potential. But unfortunately The Castle takes matters into it’s own… masonry.

Poor Silas. There’s still a chance that he’ll be revived, but it looks like he’s done for. On the upside, there’s plenty of nice new art of Silas to photoshop into avatars. On the downside, it looks like there won’t be any more ever again. So tragic…

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