Steam Is Everything

Steam has recently added NCSoft games to their catalog. This includes Guild Wars, Lineage, and City of Heroes / Villains.

Other than a few quirky holdouts who refuse to put their games on Steam, and older PC games available via Good Old Games, there is very little reason to buy PC games any way other than on Steam. The only remaining major game developer to not have a presence on Steam is Blizzard. Seriously: World of Warcraft is the only major subscription MMO to not be on Steam now.

It’s too bad my gaming laptop is currently exiled from the internet, or perhaps it’s a good thing. I still need to get the bosses working for the Alpha of Steam City Chronicles, and CoH/V’s new nifty mission builder would probably prove to be a bit of a distraction.

Anyway, it’s interesting how Valve’s serivice has basically become a serious alternative to every physical store. And soon there’ll be Ep3 and Portal 2, and I’ll probably have a new laptop by then anyway. It’s such a good time to be a PC gamer.

P.S. Also, incidentally, it means I can finally buy a game that Shane Hensley worked on via Steam. Just a nice bit of serendipity there.

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