Laptop’s On The Fritz

A big part of why I haven’t been posting here is because my laptop is messed up. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s wrong, but I suspect that it at least needs a new fan. But the more serious issue is that XP suddenly is missing some drivers it needs for any browser to work.

Thus, as of a day or so after my last post here(EDIT: The one before the video of the singing turrets), I can’t post from my laptop anymore. It’s the very definition of “vexing”.

Game Maker works, so at least I can still work on the game.

Steam, Excel, IE, Firefox, and Safari won’t work even after I reinstalled some of them. I keep getting error messages about missing DLLs. McAfee seems to be able to update itself, so maybe it uses it’s own proprietary drivers or something. Word is still working fine, but Excel isn’t. I don’t know what Steam and Excel have in common that Game Maker doesn’t, and that worries me.

I am saving up for a new laptop anyway, but I’d prefer to figure out how to salvage this one both because I can’t buy a new one yet and because I intend to eventually give it to my younger brother if it’s still working.

Anyway, no promises about updates until this situation is resolved. I’ll probably post something around presentation time, though.

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