Making This Weblog Better

I’ve decided to add some more functionality to my weblog. I’m busy with stuff, but for now I’m adding some links to the side. Have a look at four weblogs I read often, some on a daily basis.

I’m considering doing a lot more with this weblog. Like not only posting more articles more often (and I will be returning to the Torque/Game Maker issue soon, I just need to do them both justice by getting to know GM a little better), but scheduling something every single day. The every-day stuff will mostly be videos, of course, but I may find more stuff to write about when I get into a better posting habit.

Anyway, if I get enough traffic, and get into much better habits about putting stuff up on a daily basis, I am considering putting ads up. I don’t think that I’ll be making much, but

1) I do pay for hosting this site. If I could get more money from doing stuff with my weblog, I could afford a better URL. Not that I’m complaining about $10 a year for a .org domain, but maybe I can do better.

2) I am a college student and therefore poor by definition. Subsidizing tuition and book costs even a little bit will help.

I’m not looking for comments on this yet. It’ll be a couple weeks at the earliest if I decide to go with ads. Sprucing the place up is a much higher priority.

ALSO: I need to do something about this default page layout. It’s functional, but three colored dots isn’t super-exciting.

ALSO: I will eventually put labels on all the old posts.

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