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First Playable Prototype

The First Playable Prototype is done. It’s still a little too buggy to release yet, but we do plan to release the first level either as a web application for for download. The trouble with antihistamines is that they sap … Continue reading

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Misery Season

Well it’s spring again, and I’m trying out a new allergy medication. Right now, I feel a bit tipsy because of side-effects, but not too bad. What is bad is that I’m still sniffling a little (but not nearly as … Continue reading

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Making This Weblog Better

I’ve decided to add some more functionality to my weblog. I’m busy with stuff, but for now I’m adding some links to the side. Have a look at four weblogs I read often, some on a daily basis. I’m considering … Continue reading

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Reason Why Garry’s Mod Is Awesome #1

I love Garry’s Mod. This is just one of the reasons why: Watch more videos of TF2 (For those of you unfamiliar with the individual elements of what’s going on: the levels are from Half Life Episode 2, the animal … Continue reading

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Making The Switch To Game Maker

I’ve been quiet the last two weeks. “Too quiet.” There has been stuff going on behind the scenes and it’s finally time to write about it. A few weeks ago we were pondering switching to something other than Torque to … Continue reading

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A guy plays the Wind Waker theme by himself.

I have at least three things I want to post here, but I feel kind of “meh” right now. So for now here’s a YouTube video:

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