GD2 Class 3

We had our third class yesterday. Not a lot to talk about, because we have a pretty solid idea of how the game is going to work, what characters are going to feature in the plot, the setting, the weapons & gadgets, etc. The GDD assignments were handed out and we’re working on the GDD and tech demo.

Marc got a sprite to move around and follow the mouse in class from scratch. Tech Team rules!

Steam City Chronicles (or whatever the final name will be) will kick ass.
EDIT 2: Edited out a sentence and a word to spare some peoples’ sensitive feelings. We wouldn’t want person x to punch person y in the throat because person z didn’t realize person x was cranky about subject n.
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2 Responses to GD2 Class 3

  1. Furyan says:

    Before you go mocking DragonSpire, at least learn how to fucking spell.”We had our third “”clas”” yesterday.”I think you mean CLASS. Its a five letter word. How the fuck did you even make it to college? I mean you learn to spell that word in second grade. Is this your fucking producer’s report? You can’t even spell a very common word in your PRODUCERS report? This shows more than arrogance but STUPIDITY. five bucks says your arrogant, egotistical band of dingle berries won’t make it. Before you even TRY to make a game, go back to second grade and learn some spelling. Then we will talk. I’m not even a part of Omech, not anymore anyway to set the record straight. But they are very honorable people and it was my honor to work with them. I was looking forward to meeting whomever I will be working with come fall in the HOPES of it being just like old times with Omech. Sadly as the saying goes, first impressions last. I will hold out until spring before taking Game III, because I certainly don’t want any part of the attitude you have brought forth. That is if you even MAKE it to Game III next fall. I’m sorry to any Game II team member that may be innocent, But if this person is representing you then I certainly want no part of this team next semester.Your apology is meaningless, Congratulations on your first MAJOR screw up. All aboard the fail train. Choo! Choo!

  2. Dude, that’s awesome. Thanks for reading my weblog! :)Also: you don’t need to capitalize words in the middle of sentences unless they are proper nouns.

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