Webcomics By Girls

First of all, for those who don’t know yet and don’t want to go hunting in the archive for clues, I am a guy. I am the sort of guy who occasionally posts videos of cats and other animals to my weblog, but I also like to drink and visit the shooting range and do other manly stuff. XKCD is one of my top favorite webcomics and I understand 98% of it. I used to be in construction. Nevertheless, I have been reading a lot of webcomics by girls/ladies/women (whatever the cartoonist thinks is appropriate) lately.

The latest one, which I just discovered a couple minutes ago, is Sketchfervor. Like most of the comics I read, I found it by clicking on an ad in another comic (so if you want me to visit your comic, the best way is to advertise on a comic I already read). It’s a combination of slice-of-life and fantasy and she’s not afraid to break the fourth wall and make fart jokes. This anything-goes formula can be a recipe for disaster, but she pulls it off pretty well.
One I’ve mentioned before is Kate Beaton’s (Often Historical) Comics. She’s carved out a unique niche for herself by mercilessly making fun of historical figures, her ancestors, and herself. It’s usually a lot more intellectual than Sketchfervor: the punchlines are lowbrow, but the setups require a decent knowledge of history and sometimes also geography and science.
Then there’s Mr. Never-Updates-His-Site-Anymore’s favorite webcomic Narbonic. I’ve been following the commentary version, as well as Shaenon’s new comic Skin Horse, every day. Both series are very, very, geeky with Narbonic having a strong male protagonist and the characters of Skin Horse just being very strange. It’s so popular, you probably already read it anyway.
The pioneers of webcomics were all geeky guys because of the tech knowledge requirements to put anything on the web, but lately it’s seemed closer to a 50/50 gender ratio for the new comics (there’s a bunch more I know about but don’t have time to write about). More females getting into entertainment media that have been traditionally too techy/geeky/male dominated is generally a good thing (theater, radio, and film have all been like that in the past). Ada Lovelace would be proud.
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