GD2 Class 2

Monday we had our second class of GD2. It was pretty productive.

There was an incident last week on the Guild forums that was resolved in class. Then we reviewed the Tech Team’s PoKs, did some team building exercises and various other stuff.
Nothing terribly exciting yet, but most of the good stuff (so far) happens outside of class anyway, as each team works on the individual parts of the game: Marc and I (the Tech Team) are working on Torque tutorials. I’m working on drafting a document for tomorrow’s meeting that will give the Design team a better idea of what kinds of puzzles can be designed. The Art team are figuring out the art, the story is coalescing into something interesting, and the Marketing team have some good ideas for later.
I have a good feeling about the end result of all this. Even if the game itself completely sucks, which I don’t think it will, it’s definitely good practice for working in a team and eventually making something that’s actually pretty good.
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2 Responses to GD2 Class 2

  1. GGMich says:

    I’d love to hear more about the tutorials and how they worked out for your team. Feel free to ping me from time to time when you have a Torque related update.Michael PerryGarageGames Documentation Engineer

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