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Scout Update Excitement

Is anyone else really excited about the imminent Scout Update for Team Fortress 2 yet? I know I am. Soon, I’ll finally FINALLY get the Does It Hurt When I Do This? and You’ll Feel A Little Prick achievements for my Medic. … Continue reading

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The Tech Demo

Marc and I are hard at work on the Tech Demo for Steam City Chronicles this week. More news on that next monday. The rest of Mission 9 have already produced some pretty good stuff, and I’m confident the game … Continue reading

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Gordon Babcock’s Series of Unfortunate Events

In a recent letter written as part of a court case, Gordon Babcock wrote: In short, I have been shut out of my children’s lives by a serious [sic] of very unfortunate events. I wish to put forth a rebuttal to … Continue reading

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What I’ve been doing instead of posting here

Although I have been posting here at least twice a week, which is pretty good for me, I’ve been even busier over on the Game Design Guild forums. This is mainly because the Game Design classes at CCC use the … Continue reading

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GD2 Meeting 3

Well we had another meeting yesterday. This is probably the last time I’m going to do an update for a class / meeting for several reasons it’s probably best to avoid mentioning online. Each of the Game Design classes has … Continue reading

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GD2 Class 3

We had our third class yesterday. Not a lot to talk about, because we have a pretty solid idea of how the game is going to work, what characters are going to feature in the plot, the setting, the weapons … Continue reading

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GD2 Meeting 2

We had our second meeting today. The story and features of the game are pretty fleshed out now. Not a whole lot else to say for now. Lots going on behind the scenes, though. I’m hoping we have time to … Continue reading

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