GD2 Meeting 1

Quick update on the meeting this afternoon:
The room was a bit cramped, but serviceable.
First thing, we determined for sure what kind of game we were going to make. On the forums, I had suggested a Zelda-style (specifically, the first one on the NES) game, as well as two other ideas, and in that thread someone else brought up the idea of doing a steampunk setting. Until the meeting, nothing had been decided yet, but the group decided right away that “Steampunk Zelda” was the coolest idea of everything that had been proposed so far.
A lot of excited brainstorming happened, with people pitching ideas back and forth. Our protagonist is going to be a “steamborg” (NOT my idea) whose name we are tentatively calling “M” after our group “Mission 9”. He works for a guy named Orrison and is fighting a guy named Spike. There may or may not be a ghost involved. There will be puzzles and fighting.
We’re doing the PPD over the weekend (well, the rest of the team is, I’m going on the Village PCA Men’s Retreat), and turning it in on Monday. I’ve done my PoK for Monday. This is going to be great.
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