TD Day 21: More Torque Tutorials

Welllllll… I haven’t quite gotten the bugs out of my C++ prototype yet. I’m up against the clock now, with only five days left until class, so I’m going to go back and concentrate on Torque tutorials. My goal is currently to get through all of the ones on this page by the end of friday. (That link won’t take you to the proper page unless you log in to a Torque Developer Network account (it’s free).)

So far, Torque has been pretty interesting. It reminds me a lot of Visual Basic(EDIT: and Alice too), in that you plunk things down on the screen directly and then tell them what to do, the main difference being that Torque is geared primarily for games and Visual Basic is much more of a pain to make any games with (at least it was back when I was still using it in the 90s).
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