Finally, Change Has Come To America

I just have to link to this. “Change has come to America”

That’s right, people. Every time we’ve ever had a President before, they’ve all been identical clones. Only now do we finally have change.
Others elsewhere are able to more eloquently point out our new President’s flaws in his thinking, so I won’t criticize him much more. I feel sorry for Barack Obama. When the consequences of acting on his beliefs have the opposite effect of what he intends, it’s going to be a harsh awakening for him. 
He does seem to mean well, but he also doesn’t seem to understand how anything actually works. (Come to think of it, isn’t that just what the opponents of the previous President have accused him of? Well, I’m just saying how he seemed to me during his inaugural address: I’m not repeating anyone else’s opinion.) Like many in our country, I’m praying for him. He certainly needs it.
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