TD: Day 5

Still not much to report. Going through tutorials. Suffering from stomach flu (different to the flu I had earlier), but hanging in there.

Minor nitpicks of the Fish Tutorial: It doesn’t explain how to make the background “fit” properly if you’ve set a different resolution to the background image, or how to make the background and foreground line up perfectly. I appreciate the ability to scale any sprite or image as much as I want, but sometimes I just want everything to line up nice without having to fiddle with every single object. This is probably covered in a tutorial I haven’t read yet. Also, the bubbles move downwards by default, shouldn’t they move upwards by default (easily fixed, but not covered explicitly)?

I don’t know how many Tower Defense games have been made with TGB, but it occurs to me that it would be pretty simple to make one. It’s definitely something I’m going to suggest as a class project.

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