Torque Devlog: Day One

Here we go. My brain feels like it’s stuffed full of cotton and I’m still coughing and hacking, but darn it, it’s 2009 and in 25 days the new semester starts. When the new semester starts, Game Design II starts (at long last). When GD2 starts, I’m going to be on the Tech Team and I’m going to be using Torque.

I actually already have Torque Game Builder and the Platformer Starter Kit. I haven’t done anything with them yet because I’ve been sick for most of the last few weeks and busy with schoolwork or my other job when I’m not. But it’s 2009 and I need to buckle down and go through tutorials and get ready to start coding The Most Awesome Game Ever Made By GD2.
From now on, this weblog will be mostly focused on chronicling my efforts in learning Torque as well as reporting on what the rest of the class is up to. I’ll still post the occasional rant (EA games on Steam == EA finally being acceptably less evil), review, and Youtube video, but the main focus of this weblog is shifting to actual game development.
Today, I am going to start reading through the official tutorials and see how much of it I can get through.
EDIT: On a related note, I’m also starting to go through all my posts and label them properly so you can check out all the posts on a particular topic.
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One Response to Torque Devlog: Day One

  1. GGMich says:

    Nice! This is the kind of blog I like to look in on from time to time:- Torque- Tutorials- Discussion of industry changes and interaction (EA, Steam, etc).Feel free to ping me when you have some new updates. I’m easy to track down- Michael Perry, GarageGames documentation engineer.

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