Last Post of 2008

I just realized I have less than half an hour (local time) to post before the new year. 

Nothing much to report. The lingering flu I had shortly before I turned in my assignments at the end of the semester has returned after a few days of work and so I’ve been out of sorts since around Sunday morning. It’s severely irritating, because I’m getting NOTHING DONE due to feeling blerg, but it’s not as bad as my one younger brother has.
He was fine this morning, but by 1:00 was suffering severe abdominal pain and by 2:00 wanted to go to the hospital. I’ll spare the messy details, but the current diagnosis is that there’s nothing life-threatening as long as it’s treated (it’s not appendicitis or gastro-anything). The doctors think he picked up one kind of flu in Missouri shortly before he came home and picked up another kind when he came home. Either that or it’s a Gregory House-level medical mystery and we need to go back to the hospital if it doesn’t get better by tomorrow morning. He’s currently on Percoset and some stuff for his nausea.
Well it’s about ten to 2009, so I’ll post in the new year. Hopefully all the blerg will go away by the end of the week.
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