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GD2 Meeting 1

Quick update on the meeting this afternoon: The room was a bit cramped, but serviceable. First thing, we determined for sure what kind of game we were going to make. On the forums, I had suggested a Zelda-style (specifically, the … Continue reading

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GD2 1st Day

We had the first class of Game Design 2. It was pretty awesome. We haven’t decided on the game we’re going to make yet, that’s what we’re going to figure out in our first outside-of-class weekly meeting. But the teams … Continue reading

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TD Day 21: More Torque Tutorials

Welllllll… I haven’t quite gotten the bugs out of my C++ prototype yet. I’m up against the clock now, with only five days left until class, so I’m going to go back and concentrate on Torque tutorials. My goal is … Continue reading

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Finally, Change Has Come To America

I just have to link to this. “Change has come to America” That’s right, people. Every time we’ve ever had a President before, they’ve all been identical clones. Only now do we finally have change. Others elsewhere are able to … Continue reading

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Notice I’m posting this at 9:30 AM (if the weblog is set to the right time zone). Next monday I have to get up at 6:00 AM to get to class on time. Then I have to do the same … Continue reading

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Mega Man: The Movie Trailer

(He’s called “Rock” because that’s his name in the original series.)

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TD Day 12: Dungeon Keeper’s creature.txt File

Things have been a little slow the last couple days in terms of doing Torque tutorials. That’s because I had an idea for something I want to try in Torque but at this point I know C++ a lot better … Continue reading

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