Plan B

There’s a job fair at the college campus this afternoon.

Plan A:

Dig up my old resume and update it. It was originally drafted ten years ago and updated for five years after that, so it’s five years out of date but still serviceable. Updating it shouldn’t take too long, so there’s no rush.

Problem: I tried to find it yesterday and couldn’t. It’s either not on any of my current hard drives, or the file name is more esoteric that I remember. It might be on one of the “ancient” 8+ years old computers, but even if I found a version on one of those machines it would most likely be even more out of date.

There really isn’t enough time to rewrite it from scratch before the job fair. I know, I should have started working on this sooner, but I was busy with various things such as my big important class projects.

Plan B:

Rewrite my resume from scratch, post it here later (probably tomorrow), and write up a nice business card I can give to folks at the job fair.

This can be done in the time I have left, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to do. It’s the best solution I can think of, though the cards I give out will become obsolete the instant I do get a new job (I’m a programmer. It bugs me, all right?). Also: I still have credit on the Staples gift card, so it’s essentially free.

I’ve been meaning to give this site an overhaul as well. It’s currently on a default Blogger template that’s barely modified, which is a little pathetic coming from a guy who’s going to put “programmer” on his business card (or maybe it’s a sign that I’m overly practical and don’t want to put too much effort into modifying something that functions perfectly fine). So I’m going to be doing some proper tinkering with the site later today when I get back.

I’ll post a pic of the card later, too.

Edit: Microsoft Word is crashing when I try to insert a picture and the patch doesn’t seem to recognize that I have it installed. (It is a legitimate copy.) So now I can’t even finish my business card. Thank you, Microsoft.

Edit 2:
Turns out it wasn’t that big a deal after all. CCC has a large medical program and most of the jobs on offer I wasn’t even a little qualified for. This is the problem with going to CCC instead of BCC, but that’s BCC’s fault for not having a Game Design program.

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