Can You Say "Crossover"?

I’ve been rather busy with schoolwork. For one of my classes, I am using a video game to make a comic. No really, it’s totally legit.

Here, in the opening scene, BLU Scout is going after the RED intelligence. Just another average day in the Team Fortress 2 world. Or so Scout thinks…

The G Man (the guy in the suit) has brought Isaac Kleiner, Father Grigori and Odessa Cubbage to BLU base to help defend against the mysterious new enemy that has taken over RED base!

Kleiner studies something Engineer has written on a chalkboard. (I noticed the chalkboard in tc_hydro and decided to pose Kleiner real quick. I’m probably going to add Engineer in to explain it to Kleiner.)

Behind the scenes: a bunch of extra posed, statued and duplicated ragdolls left over from the scene above.

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