Fracture: A Revolution In The Making

I saw this video via Penny Arcade:

Several things come to mind:

1) EA, ARE YOU WATCHING THIS!?! YOU STUPID, STUPID, STUPID MORONS!!!!! You’ve owned the Magic Carpet franchise, the games that defined terrain deformation, for over a decade now, and it’s taken Lucasarts, of all companies, to finally include terrain deformation as a meaningful mechanic in a game again.

2) Lucasarts, of all companies, is doing this. This seemed pretty ridiculous for a couple minutes because Lucasarts used to do all kinds of games (remember the Monkey Island series?) but then ever since Star Wars Ep1 came out they have just been doing a kazillion Star Wars games and nothing else. Frankly, it’s all been pretty yawn-inducing for the last decade, except for Jedi Knight 2 and licensed games they didn’t actually develop themselves such as KOTOR. (Actually, Pod Racing on the N64 was pretty fun, but other than that and JK2 everything made by Lucasarts in the last decade has been take-a-genre-and-put-Star-Wars-characters-in-it.)

So Lucasarts is finally doing awesome games again. I hope George Lucas never decides to make Episode VII so we’re not subjected to another dearth of non-Star-Wars Lucasarts games (pun intended).

EDIT: See also Caster. But more on that later.

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