[vid]Nine Nine Nine

Here’s another one:

While it doesn’t have as many multilayered nuances (8% of My Love was definitely riffing on Grease, while I don’t think this one is as specific), this is still a darn catchy tune that’s invaluable for anyone learning their times tables. But more than that, it shows that mathematical principles work far beyond what you have to memorize. The “rule of 9” works for 3,487 * 9 just as much as it works for 4 * 9.

Like the last video, this also led to a family meme, this time cruelly exploited by Mom. If any of the older kids with two digits acted up, she would say that “the rule of nine applies” and add the digits of their age together to make them younger than the other siblings. Yes, it is very, very silly, but effective. Because you know the younger siblings (age 4-9) are going to take any opportunity they have to claim that their older siblings’ ages are really 2 (1+1) or 3 (1+2), and it was only valid if Mom said so, so it made good incentive for the older ones to not act immature.

My current “rule of nine” age is 11, but next year it’ll be down to 3 again. Fortunately, my family seems to be over the sillyness for now.

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