[vid]8% Of My Love

Thought I had forgotten again? Nope! I’m just a little late today because I had two classes earlier and I hadn’t scheduled this post beforehand.

So anyway, here’s just one reason why I love Square One (and math):

First of all, from the very first lines “Girl, I already told you I loved you! I already loaned you my ring!” the whole song is a hilarious Weird Al-style reverse-love-song. If you’re not familiar with Weird Al’s wonderful ballads like “Got a Funny Feeling You Don’t Love Me Anymore”, “Close But No Cigar”, and the wonderful “Do I Creep You Out” they’re done in a musical style just like a regular love song (in some cases, but not usually, parodying a specific song) but the actual lyrics are twisted in a way that ensure they would never be played on B101.

This is just as epic as any of Weird Al’s songs, but like the Sesame Street sketches it’s also extremely educational. Also like the Sesame Street sketches, it doesn’t let education get in the way of entertainment, so the important lesson is practically subliminal. That, along with the catchy tune, ensured that there is absolutely no way I can ever possibly forget that percent = hundredths. And the fact that the guy likes Miss Snodgrass and his bike as much as his girlfriend but not quite as much as the U.S.A., his favorite football team, and his leather jacket.

This particular music video also sparked off a debate that rages to this day over what percentage Mom loves each of her kids. She insists that she loves each of us “equally” but I pointed out that since I was born first she loved me “equally” over time a greater percentage than my younger siblings who were born later and each of them got a progressively smaller “equal” piece. I used to delight in tormenting my younger siblings and if I could use math to do it, all the better.

And that is one reason why math will always have at least 8% of my love.

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