Geeking Out Over Google Chrome

Okay, so Google is making their own web browser. Meh. I didn’t care until my brother left this page open in Firefox and I started reading.

This is exciting for five big reasons:

1. From a software engineering point of view, it’s a tremendously interesting presentation. They explain in layman’s terms why even the best current browsers are buggy and crash-prone, and how Chrome is going to fix it. (There are also some huge technical reasons they gloss over, which I’d like to hear more about, that can’t be explained in layman’s terms.)

(Actually, it does get a bit technical around page 13, but it’s mostly understandable.)

2. But just as interesting is the format that they use: a comic strip. To someone who was born in the late 70s, an educational and entertaining comic book/strip isn’t that foreign a concept. I still have a bunch of educational comics in my collection. It’s too bad they went out of style, because few things hold kids’ attentions like a good comic book.

They didn’t have to use comic panels. They could have gone with a funky flash powerpoint-style presentation just as easily. The fact that someone said “let’s go with a comic strip” and they ended up with a darn good one means someone in the PR department has extremely good taste.

The last time I was excited about a web browser was one of the first versions of Mosaic back when it was the only web browser. The fact that I had to switch to Internet Explorer and later Firefox (reluctantly each time) was just a hassle to me. But I’m actually anticipating Chrome now.

3. Since Chrome is open-source, it’s possible that the actual Chrome project won’t be the best iteration of the design in the long run. (It’s possible that Firefox might also adopt multi-process tabs, for example.) Google has plenty of incentive for giving everyone else their improved technology since a better browser means an easier Internet and more people using existing Google services. Even if Google doesn’t/can’t keep Chrome going in the long run, the paradigm will probably be adopted by Microsoft or Mozilla or a new company which is eventually good for everyone.

4. Page 23. No pop-ups unless you really want them? Finally.

5. Page 27. No more malware? For real? Awesome.

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