29 Years & Portal HL2

I’m turning 29 years old today.

My youngest brother got me a Maxtor OneTouch 4 external hard drive which has a terabyte of space. A whole terabyte. Appropriately, it actually looks like something out of a science fiction movie, something Darth Vader or the Borg would use.

With this newfound storage capacity, I’m going to be cleaning my hard drive and doing something I’ve been itching to do: Portal HL2 videos.

WeGame.com has some excellent video-capturing software which works better than anything else I’ve tried so far and it has a built-in web publishing feature. So starting maybe next week or the week after, I’ll be posting some Portal HL2 vids and some other stuff I haven’t been able to do up until now.

As a test to make sure WeGame videos embed properly, here’s a neat montage of classic video game commercials, some of which I remember from the first time they were broadcast:

Watch more Gaming Videos

(Wait for the Super Mario RPG one. It’s not too bizarre, but very silly.

I don’t know what they were thinking with the Yoshi’s Island one, though.)

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