I thought I’d be over my cold by now. But I promised to post and dang it, I’m going to post.

I bought Overlord (PC) last week and boy is it fun. As others have pointed out, the developers were definitely heavily influenced by Dungeon Keeper and Fable, but I also noticed elements of Pikmin, Warcraft, and D&D.

(The parallels with D&D4 are almost disturbing when I realized that Browns are Defenders, Reds are Controllers, Greens are Strikers and Blues are Leaders. But Overlord came out a couple years ago. Some might not like the pigeonholing of classes into combat roles in 4e, but Wizards is just explicitly putting in the rulebooks what has been implicit since the beginning of D&D. But I digress.)

The neat thing about Overlord is that it’s morality system is something of a cross between Dungeon Keeper and Fable. You’re an Overlord in charge of an army of Minions no matter what, but you can choose to be a nice guy (and you will get showered with gratitude for it) or a complete scumbag (and people will flee in terror). Someone likened the “nice” path to Chaotic Good, but it seems to me more like Lawful Evil or at best Lawful Neutral.

The “Evil” in Overlord is a gleeful over-the-top kind of evil. Your Minions are an awful lot like gremlins from the Gremlins movies. Your armor looks Sauron’s armor from LOTR. Your tower can be customized with spikes and gargoyle statues. So even if you choose the “nice” path you’re still an Overlord, not a hero.

I’m playing through on the nice path in part because it offers a slightly more challenging style (you have to be careful not to accidentally kill any innocent people) and partly because I think it’s more fun being a Doctor Doom-style Benevolent Dictator rather than a genocidal maniac.

EDIT: This game has a fantastic soundtrack. I hope I can get it on CD. Also: I HATE SANDWORMS!!!!!

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