Buying Bioshock For Shamus Young

For a little context: Shamus Young has posted his thoughts in staggering detail about his views on Digital Rights Management. (For those who don’t know, DRM essentially means making it difficult for ordinary consumers to use products with the intention of making it difficult for pirates as well.)

Bioshock is a game Shamus has particularly criticised in the past. He has said time and again that he has no intention of purchasing it because of the DRM involved. However, recently the level of DRM has been drastically reduced. Bioshock requires online activation, but other than that it no longer has near the same level of ridiculous DRM that, for example, Mass Effect on the PC does.

Well his latest post bashes 2k Games for putting Bioshock on sale for $15 on Steam this weekend. This was too much for me. I mostly agree with him in principle, but frankly I think there are other principles he’s ignoring. Scroll down the comments to see me offer to buy him a copy of Bioshock and the reasons why.

(In summary: I bought Bioshock a few months ago and have been enjoying it since. Whatever problems they may have had at launch have not affected me at all. While I agree that paying the original launch price for a buggy possibly-not-working-game was and is out of the question, the situation has changed. Besides, as I repeatedly point out: even if the legitimate version stops working at some point because the activation server is shut down years down the line, legitimate customers, in addition to pirates, can always get cracked versions for free.

So when Shamus said “All the pirates who want it, have it. The only people who don’t have it are potential customers like me who won’t stand for this septic nonsense.

You’re having a sale on SecuROM? How nice. Go piss up a rope.”

It was too much. So I offered to buy him a copy just so he’d stop complaining about him being a pissed-off potential customer and can complain about being a pissed-off actual customer.)

I’m dead serious, Shamus. Let me know before the sale is over if you want a copy for FREE and I’ll buy it for you. Otherwise, does someone really have to pay you for you to put up with online activation for a single-player game?

I’ve played it. I’ve enjoyed it. Here’s your chance for a free ticket to a show. Take it or leave it. You might not like that it’s guaranteed to not last forever. You might not like that Bioshock for 1 1/2 times the cost of a movie ticket still has a little DRM. But don’t complain when I’m offering it for free.

EDIT: This wasn’t the update I was referring to in my last post, by the way. Proper update coming Monday for reals.

UPDATE: Shamus didn’t take me up on my offer, but he did post an explanation of why he was acting so cranky. I offered Bioshock as a get-well present, but he still didn’t bite. 🙂

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