Life == Blerg

I have been lax in posting here recently. There are things I have wanted to post about:

  • Blizard finally announced Diablo 3. (A summary of my thoughts: A lot of people have expressed disappointment at the Witch Doctor class, but I can’t wait to try it out.)
  • Wall-E is fantastic.
  • The new Hulk movie is pretty good.
  • The Happening is a bit of a let-down.
  • I ran a quick Sundered Skies session in class.
  • I may be moving to Deptford.
  • Lots of various neat things are happening regarding PEG and Triple Ace Games.
  • The Orange Box Manifesto (yes, I still intend to post it before the end of summer).
  • It looks like we’ll be getting PS2 dev kits for Spring. So the game we’ll be developing in GD 3-4 will be a PS2 game, and I am seriously psyched!
  • I’ve discovered some neat things via independently reading C++ books that were glossed over in class because Prof Boiano didn’t want to overload our brains with details. Come to think of it, I probably will post about this later this week. I find it fascinating, and writing about stuff I find fascinating is the whole point of weblogging.

Regarding most of the above and pretty much anything else I might have left out of the list, you can find out more just by doing a quick internet search. (So I wasn’t super motivated to do a whole Wall-E review, for example.) A few of those items will require better explanation, but not in this post.

I’ve been suffering from what I call “summer blues” for the last few years, but it’s hit me pretty bad this year. It’s allergies, combined with a lack of sleep because it’s too dang hot, combined with worry that I’m not getting enough done, combined with miscellaneous factors. All of which compound and exacerbate each other to form a general feeling of “blerg”. You, my loyal readers can tell how badly I’m suffering from “blerg” by how often I post. If it’s more than once a week, I probably feeling pretty good. If I don’t post for a whole week, it’s probably pretty bad.

On the bright side, I am making some progress with the important parts of the Summer Project, including keeping up with my schoolwork and expanding my C++ knowlege. I’m not where I wanted to be, but it’s adequate for now. Things could be worse.

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