Why Pinnacle Rocks

Check out the new Pinnacle Website.

  • Nice new site layout.
  • New Test Drive.
  • The Ravaged Earth Society is FINALLY out!
  • Nice new license guidelines for official products.
  • Direct links on the side to Savage Worlds Online, the Explorer’s Society and the TRES wiki.

The new Test Drive, the free version of the Savage Worlds rules, is mostly the same as the previous version content-wise, except that it’s a lot more compact and laid out more efficiently.

The Ravaged Earth Society (TRES) pulp action campaign setting is now available for free in wiki format. I’ve been waiting literally years for this. Originally, Double G Press intended to make it into a Savage Worlds setting book, but for various reasons (some of those reasons I’m completely in the dark about, by the way) it never happened and eventually Double G Press shut down and disappeared.
I’m happy that TRES is out in any form, though I would have ideally wished for a proper book release so that those involved with the original project could have recouped some of their time and other resources invested in it. Nevertheless, the TRES wiki is pretty darn neat and I’ve got a few ideas I hope to contribute.

The new publically-released rules for publishing official Savage Worlds products is interesting. It bears a striking resemblance to the old d20 license, in that there are no fees but you have to use a specific logo, but you have to ask Pinnacle’s permission before you publish anything with said logo. Although the specifics of the previous deals are unknown because they were private deals, the new rules seem more generous than I assume the previous deals were. In particular “Once we grant your company the license, you can make whatever you want without submitting it for further approval, as long as you follow the guidelines below.” (italics mine)
I know in the past licensed products had to be submitted to Pinnacle for approval before publication, so that’s an interesting change. Presumably now when Pinnacle grants a license for a product to begin with, they’re going to make sure the licensee knows what they’re doing and then leave them alone to do their thing. Hopefully this new deal will allow more licensed products to be produced more quickly, because I’d sure like Iron Dynasty, ETU: Degrees of Horror, and Stick & Stones this year.

It’s not new this week, but I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago that Sundered Skies is finally out. This is a major event because the last original setting for Savage Worlds to be released in the last was the third-party Runepunk. That’s deliberately not counting the obvious licensed/recycled settings Deadlands Reloaded, Pirates of the Spanish Main, and Savage World of Solomon Kane. Now those three books are quite nice, but frankly a big draw for me in the first place was original Savage Settings books. Evernight was good and 50 Fathoms was great. Then Necessary Evil, Rippers, and Low Life came along and really raised the bar. Even Tour of Darkness and Necropolis were good even though they were technically Weird Wars books.

Now that Sundered Skies is finally out, I’m really looking forward to Slipstream coming out this year. (Oh please, oh please, oh please, I promise I won’t throw rocks at groundhogs or put frogs in my sister’s hair if another original Savage Setting comes out this year! I won’t even be mad that Portal 2 won’t be out this Christmas if I can just have another original Savage setting without having to wait a whole year!)

Anyway, have a look around the Pinnacle site. There’s plenty to see and it’s better laid out and easier to use than ever before! As a fanboy, I heartily approve.

P.S. In other news, tonight I got the D&D4e PHB & DMG. I’ll do a “first impressions” review tomorrow.

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