Not that anyone reads this weblog much, but I’ve been itching to update. I didn’t update when I thought I was going to because I spent what was originally just going to be a monday afternoon that turned into a three-day-sleepover-thing at the Pomerantz’s. Their computer turned out to be in the final stages of terminal cancer rather than a simple case of severe flu (to use a metaphor) and I assisted them in obtaining a decent, reliable, new computer as well as transplanting the old hard drive as a secondary hard drive (because it was one of the few parts that was salvageable). Also, I binged on DVDs of the new Doctor Who series, and there wasn’t enough time to do a whole season in an afternoon, so you see: I had to stay longer.

The problem then was that there’s no wifi near their house. The problem now is that I’ve been working extra hours, including a 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM shift tomorrow. So no more updates until at least next wednesday afternoon. (I’ll finally be writing about Zenith Horizon because my peeps deserve props and I been goin’ too long without a proper shout-out.)

Anyway, I really need to get to bed so I won’t be wiped out for tomorrow’s shift. My allergies were killing me today, and I barely had the energy to make it through an eight hour shift. So I’ll “see you all” next wednesday.

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