Webcomics: Recursive Living

Usually I am loathe to just point to a site and say “go read this” because it seems so darn lazy. However, Recursive Living doesn’t have an easy way to point to a particular comic in the archives. So you need to go to the archives and click on the one for 2007-08-20.

Most webcomics do not “grab” me in the first week or two of their archives, but if they do, there is always a specific turning point early on in any comic I read regularly where I go from “heh, meh, eh, heh” to snickering. I usually give webcomics a nice 20 comic or so window in which to try and make me snicker before I give up and do something else. Then, usually, I plow through the entire archive until I get to the latest comic and if they’re not on hiatus (or done altogether) I’ll add them to my daily or weekly list. (The “snicker rule” does not apply to dramatic strips, and for those I use a different criteria: if I start yawning, I stop and usually don’t go back but otherwise I’ll read them.)

The Recursive Living comic for the 20th of August last year was the one that made me snicker because although it has nothing to do with the overall theme of the strip, it’s a slice-of-life gag that hits pretty close to home (for reasons that should be obvious to family and friends). There are a few other good ones I’ve run across in the last few minutes of reading it, so I definitely feel comfortable recommending a comic strip based on some 20-something guys running a lemonade stand. It’s now on the daily list.

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