Apparently My Tax Dollars Are Not Being Spent On Tech Support

I’d like to take a minute to point out that at the point in time in which I am typing this, the doesn’t allow me to file online because when I try to, the page and/or the link is broken (I’m not sure which, but it gives me back a “cannot find the page you’re looking for” message). This is just one of the many problems I have encountered trying to file my taxes on my own.

It wasn’t until I got a “real world” job that I finally understood just how much of a pain taxes really are. Not in terms of how much is taken out of my paycheck, but just how much of a pain the process of paying taxes is.

Sites like and the like charge for dealing with the whole mess, and in a perfect world they shouldn’t have to. But the situation is so bad that when you consider how much I get per hour on minimum wage and how long it’s taken me just to get to the point where I realize it’s practically impossible to file my taxes on my own, it’s much more economical just to pay someone to do my taxes for me. On minimum wage. It’s not like I get $120 an hour and I don’t want to spend half an hour filing my taxes. It’s that I’m on fricking minimum wage and it’s easier to just make sandwiches for a whole day instead of jumping through a thousand hoops only to have the IRS website be broken.

I’m sure there are people out there who understand the whole process inside and out and can easily do it on their own. But that’s like pointing out that there are people who can do calculus with no problem. I don’t object to the fact that the learning curve is steep so much as the fact that there’s a fricking learning curve at all in the first place.

When I die, I’m going to visit hell and beat the snot out of whichever politicians* were responsible for the income tax and all further complications of the income tax.

I’m not against paying taxes in principle at all. “Render unto Ceasar the things which are Ceasar’s” and all that. But I hate being frustrated in my attempts to just follow the fricking law on my own. Do I need to hire someone to help me avoid speeding? Do I need to hire someone to help me not shoplift? Do I need someone to help me not murder random people in the street? There are thousands of ways of obeying the laws of the land that I don’t need help with.

Filing my own taxes should not be as difficult as beating Ninja Gaiden. Seriously.

*I think it was Ol’ William Howard Taft who was primarily responsible for the income tax, but I’ll check before I hand out any beatings. I may forgo the beatings if it turns out he’s being forced to do other people’s income tax returns for all eternity or something like that. At that point physical violence would just be redundant.

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