Miscellaneous Monday!

Despite my fervent desire to not miss any more classes, I am sick again on a monday. I have a few “actual content” posts planned, but this stomach virus or whatever it is has me too wiped out.

The silver lining to this cloud is that once again Steam has come through to cheer me up. I was intending to get Prey for the regular price of $20 sometime in the near future, but I just noticed a half hour ago that it’s currently on sale for $5. As I type, it’s downloading to my My Games folder in Steam.

All of the games I’ve bought or activated on Steam so far have been in one of three categories:

1) Source Engine games, such as HL2 and Portal, most of which are by Valve themselves.

2) Half Life 1 based (and therefore Quake Engine-based), most of which, again, are by Valve.

3) “Independent” games like Darwinia and Garry’s Mod.

All of these add up to a ridiculous amount of First-Person-Shooters, and a few miscellaneous titles. Currently I have more FPSs and mods for those FPSs than I ever did back in the late 90s/early 2000s when I was originally playing FPS games.

So now I’m getting Prey, which is yet another FPS game on Steam. And it’s another FPS about a lone hero fighting against an alien invasion. So it’s not exactly original. Several things beside the price make it stand out though:

1) It’s powered by the Doom 3 engine, instead of Source, which means it’s a single Doom-iteration higher than Hexen from 1995.

(If you don’t get that joke, I’m just ribbing the Id Software guys.)

2) From the trailer, it looks like it’ll feature a neat plot with interesting characters. Both of which are essential elements of any FPS game to me (and, incidentally, the reason I’m probably not going to get Doom 3 itself). FPS games, or any games, that focus on action to the detriment of characters and plot are missing the entire point*.

3) I’ve heard (and briefly glimpsed in the trailer) that the main hero has some kind of gravity-defying power that mean he can walk on any vertical or horizontal surface, or something like that. That seems like a neat Portal-like genre-expanding gameplay mechanic to me, and I’m definitely willing to pay the price of half of a movie ticket to check it out.

So for those reasons I am looking forward to playing Prey as soon as it finished downloading. The way I’m feeling, I probably won’t enjoy it as much as if I was well, but I’ll still give it a shot.

*For one thing: If I want mindless alien shooting action, I already have the fun and extremely-accurately-named Space Gun from the Taito Legends Collection.

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