Welcome to MadTinkerer.Org!

Well I finally got my own domain name. I’ve been using the Internet since 1993 and remember thinking that the World Wide Web was a stupid gimmick with no content and Usenet was going to stay the main Internet feature.

Well I was right for two years, ya know.

Anyway, I’ve never learned HTML or any other web-language, which is why I rely on a default Blogger template instead of customizing my own theme. Yeah, I know: what kind of “Mega-Dorky Nerd God” doesn’t know how to trick out his own website, right? Well all I can say is that I was busy with real life stuff for the last 15 years. Also: Warhammer, World of Darkness, D&D, and Savage Worlds all took up a bit of time. Also: Ultima, Final Fantasy, Disgaea, and an exobillion other video games. Also: RPG Maker (not a video game but a retro-RPG SDK). Also: Terry Pratchett, J. K. Rowling, and many others. Also: comic books.

So the bottom line is: spending too much time in fantasy worlds has atrophied my tech-savvyness. On the positive side, I have plenty of ideas for videogames, and I seem to be ahead of the class when it comes to learning C++. HTML (& XML & PHP & related stuff) knowledge is useful for making websites about games, but not directly useful in making games themselves, wheras C++ is pretty much a universal standard. (And you can make some really neat things in Flash, but it’s not like Flash games are a viable way to make money.)


So welcome. Welcome to MadTinkerer.Org. It’s safer here.

(Orange Box Manifesto 50% done. The first parts could be posted as soon as next week.)

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