The Glorious Xbox Harvest

Recently we got an Xbox (not 360, an original Xbox) on a permanent basis. Previously, we had borrowed one on a long-term basis from a friend who was working in Florida, so we didn’t get a lot of games for it. Now, we can get games for it without worrying about losing it in a few months.

And then I looked at what’s actually available and my jaw dropped. Jade Empire for $8. Phantasy Star Online Ep 1 & 2 for $7. Shenmue 2 for $6. Munch’s Oddysee for $5. This is amazing.

People are actually getting rid of all these awesome games just because they won’t work on the 360. It’s even better than the PS2 games you can get for cheap, because so many people are still hanging onto their PS2s and don’t want to get rid of their games yet.

Regarding PSO1&2, I originally tried to get it for the Gamecube a few years ago and couldn’t find a copy because Gamestop wouldn’t sell it used. Apparently, although the game DOES HAVE AN OFFLINE MODE, because the online mode permanently associates a particular copy of the game with a particular online account, GS doesn’t accept trade-ins. Even if you just want to play the offline mode like I do, you just can’t get a used copy for PSO for the Gamecube, period. So you can imagine my surprise when I spotted a copy for the XBox in a Gamestop.

I don’t know if it works differently because of XBox Live or what, and I’m not going to find out anytime soon, but I do know that I can finally play PSO offline on my Xbox. I would have preferred the Gamecube version because it would be forward-compatible with the Wii, but this is still pretty nice.

Anyway, back to what I was saying about the XBox Harvest. Most of these games are only a few years old. A lot of them are quite good. In a sense I can understand getting rid of them, but on the other hand it seems kind of ridiculous to me. I know that if we could have afforded an Xbox back when everything was full-price we wouldn’t have tossed it aside so easily just because a system that is mostly unrelated, but happens to share the Xbox’s name, is produced. On the other hand, we always keep all of our games always and forever (Ultima VII is currently installed on my laptop. That was originally released 16 years ago.), so maybe I’m being a bit hard on those who trade their games in.

In any case, their loss and my gain. Now I can finally play Shenmue 2 and PSO(ffline), and they cost less than the price of a pizza each, and that makes me quite happy indeed.

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