A Little Garry’s Mod To Cheer Me Up

Well, I’m still sick.

On the bright side, while most of the time my brain feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, sometimes I have moments where it’s not so bad. I messed around in Garry’s Mod a bit:

Evidently, Advisors lack a lot of physics properties. (In HL2Ep2 you only encounter them in pre-scripted scenarios.) Their bodies don’t seem to collide with other objects properly and they have no weight. They don’t fall, but at the same time if you attach them to something, that thing isn’t hindered by any extra weight. This advisor here is attached to a Manhack which is angrily buzzing after me. Short of proper flying and attack animations circa Ep3, this isn’t a bad facsimile of a proper Advisor monster. (The manhack is a pain to kill when it’s inside the advisor, though, so I recommend explosives.)

The Razormine Mk 1. Two saw blades attached to either side of a rollermine. Tremendously entertaining to watch, and the saw blades act as shields so the rollermine is tougher to kill if you don’t hit it just right. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mk 2 will probably have hooks attached, or possibly larger saw blades.

The Rollertire Mk 1. Two rollermines attached parallel to a tire and each other. It rolls fairly quickly, and regains balance reasonably well. Not tremendously entertaining, though. I originally envisioned it as an engine I could attach to something else, but I’m still working on the “something else” part.

The Rollertire Mk 2. The acceleration is a little slow, but the top speed is just as fast as the Mk 1, and Mk2 is trickier to avoid when it gets real close because it’s wider.

The Rollertire Mk 3. Much better acceleration, though not nearly as graceful as Mk1 or 2. Still working on this, but it shows promise.

The Rollerbox Mk 1. Entertaining and surprisingly dangerous! Despite just being a bunch of rollermines attached to each corner of a box, it’s top speed is faster than a normal rollermine (most likely due to inertia) and will easily catch up to the car if you just drive backwards and don’t try to outmaneuver it. Worse, because the rollermines are on the corners, they will easily grab your car and zap you. The Rollertires and Razormines usually can’t grab the car because their wheels block the mines from touching the car.

The easiest way of dispatching a rollerbox (other than just shooting the box, which is cheating, and doesn’t solve the problem of eight suddenly-free rollermines, unless you use explosives) is to drive into a lake: You get eight dead rollermines and a completely intact box floating in the water, ready to have some more rollermines attached to it. Yeah, I should have taken a screenshot of that.

And now for something (kind-of) completely different:

Yep, that’s a Half Life 1 (Source) level running in Garry’s Mod. Unfortunately, HL1 is 98% broken when you try to run it in GMod. The trains don’t work. The NPCs vanish and so on. Doors still open and close when you press their buttons even if you take them apart, though I haven’t managed to get any good shots of that yet.

Anyway, I’m going to crawl back into bed now. I’ll be really ticked if I’m still sick on friday…

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